Our Services

Exchange Engines & Parts

At RLC Engine Reconditioning we stock a broad range of exchange engines, cylinder heads and other key components, both new and sourced from quality dismantlers. We also provide flywheels machined in-house.

We can provide replacement parts for all makes and models of passenger car, light commercial van or ute, bus, truck, machinery or marine craft. We’re able to fit it in our workshop, or deliver to anywhere in the metropolitan area, all at a sensible price.

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Engine Rebuilding Services

We offer a range of services to help restore and maintain your engine’s peak performance, including:

  • blueprinting stock model motors for optimum performance and reliability
  • chemical cleaning in a non-corrosive hot chemical bath to strip away surface stains and residue
  • cylinder reboring, sleeving, honing and cylinder block surfacing to ensure a proper fit for your pistons
  • crankshaft, camshaft and rocker arm grinding, as well as conrod resizing to ensure your new bearings fit perfectly with other engine components
  • gudgeon pin fitting, covering pressure fitting, interference fitting and free-floating fitting
  • engine balancing to remove vibrations
  • diesel injector testing for efficiency and reliability
  • engine assembly, turning, milling and other general engineering work
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Cylinder Head Services

Our cylinder head services ensure your engine’s compressions go off without a hitch, optimising your engine’s performance. These include:

  • bead blasting to clean surfaces of stains and residue
  • vacuum and pressure testing, magnetic and dye-penetrative crack detection to ensure the integrity of your parts
  • valve guide fitting, seat inserting and machining to help ensure smooth operation
  • cylinder head surfacing, grinding and milling for optimal reliability
  • manifold repairs and machining for engine parts unavailable on the market today for older vehicles
  • aluminium tig welding
  • thread reclamation
  • injector tube fitting
  • and much more
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